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Default Methods of cashing COBs

Here's a list of COB cashing methods. Some are common and obvious, some not so common.

1. Carding products
This is the most common use for COBs. Change the address, order products, resell them. If you select the right products you can usually end up with 70-80% of the card's balance. What are the best products? Laptops, gift cards, new video game systems, and other high demand high price items. Search on Ebay to get an idea of what something will sell for.

Pros: Very easy, mostly anonymous, little to no interaction with others
Cons: Sting on drop, must wait for products to come

2. Request a duplicate card
I prefer this method to #1. Instead of buying items with your COB you call up the bank claiming that your card is damaged and request a duplicate. It will take about a week for the new card to arrive. You only need a mail drop and don't need to receive packages. You then have two choices:

a. After you receive the new card to your drop you go on a shopping spree. In this instance instead of waiting for products from multiple companies you can go right out and buy stuff.
b. If you think the card and drop will last long enough you can request a PIN number. Can anyone say cash?

Pros: Easy, products in your hands, possible cash
Cons: Interaction with others, need long term drop (1+ week), possibly on video

3. Balance transfers/balance transfer checks
If you have a bank drop you can request a balance transfer check (assuming the card supports them). Cash the check and you'll get the money.

Pros: Cash!
Cons: Decent social engineering skills needed, need bank drop, almost certainly on video

Now, most people will max the card out and move on. For a COB used to card products online this may be your best choice. However, if you have received an actual card or, even better the PIN, you probably won't want to give up on it right away. You know those bank accounts you get with your scam pages that you can't figure out how to cash out? Add them as a payment method for the card and pay it off! Credit card companies are obligated to apply the payment right away, BEFORE it clears. That means you can max the card out again even if the bank account doesn't have the money in it. Another way of paying the card off and using it again is doing a balance transfer from another credit card. This can take quite a long time though so it is possible the card will be cancelled prior to receiving the money.

Pros: Easy, reuse the same card/PIN
Cons: Need more accounts, could be shut down before payoff completed
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Am i misunderstanding this or do you get a card without a pin that you can use in shops ? Surely you can't just go and buy things without a pin ? Here in the u.k. you get your card in the post then the pin a few days later, then you have to take your card to the atm to activate it, also when you said about claiming yjour card was damaged and get them to send it to your drop, surely they will only send it to the account holders registered address, if we rang to say our card was damaged and gave a different address they would never send it out they would make the account owner go the bank with photo i.d to collect it.
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