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Default Topup Mobile of Prepaire Mobile Abroad

First, Sorry mod, admin , if this thread wrong topic ( sorry about english )
If it wrong, pls move to other box ! and please Don't warning or banned me. Thank you

This is a thread disscussion about Topup and Topup Mobile of Prepaire Mobile Abroad

You can check your country in website :
https://www.i-recharge.com/ ( FR version )
https://www.topup-mobile.com/ ( English version )

I'm Testing in months and have BINs, BINs can help you recharge your mobile than you deposit credit ffrom bank to your mobile


Top up of prepaid mobile abroad
Send immediately, simply and securely airtime to your relatives.

You pay only after the transfer.

Victim : Above !

Bins : 5312xx and 5275xx ( Bin in US, not fullz, only ccs )
sock 5 : US

go to https://www.topup-mobile.com/

register a new account and login later !

choose your country and submit your phone number !

Choose the credit amount to send : ( Maximun hehe )

Submit Topup your mobile
Next Page , fill ccs bins 5312xx or 5275xx

Belong your ccs and your socks

Example :

When your socks clear , and ccs new
Topup Send immediately and 1 bins with 1 sock 5 US , you can do it with 2 number

When your socks blacklist , You have fail with verify master ( MSC ) and you submit cancle and your number not blacklist when you top again !

I test and test with 200-500 mobile number and success with it !

But Have a Problem , With bin 5312 and 5275, ccs not have much in shop online

Good luck to you and everyone want try it !

I wil write more tips about Affiliate and Shipping in here !

Thank you

If thread useful , Pls point to me
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