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Default Business with gambling/forex/casino

Hello every1.

What you need to work with gambling/forex/casino:

CC - ( if you wanna use UK, u have to use specify bin, because of many denied transactions... or just deposit to companies which is in Costa Rica - here companies using personal purchase like jewellery,electronic shops. )

Scans of passport + scans of credit card, and sometimes utillity bill/statement.

I`m using now DE cc. When i`m working with DE, NL, FR i`m always buying RDP - very fast and safe. But when i`m working on cc from australia i`m using virtual machine + vpn + sock and clean browser )))

The bestest way to cashout casino now is deposit with master card + withdraw to bank account. every casino`s need activity. chargeback time - 1 month. ( many casinos got this around time ~~~ ).

If you`re opening account on drop name, in this ages casino withdraw could be unsuccesful because of visa,mastercard,amex phone number ) merchant can call and verify your name, so before opening account on drop name, be sure that this company not verifying cc owner name.. If you don`t have drop... you can deposit to casino/forex/ by master card cc, and withdraw to moneybookers or other shit wallet. you have to find company which don`t want give hold time 7-15 days after cc deposit!

I can offer do some bussiness with SBR GLOBAL companies. They`re doing person to person withdrawals to WU on any name.. but you have to be ready to talk with them on phone + if you depositing with shit bin eu cc, they`ll ask first documents, after you can do deposit + their transactions all a as personal purchase!

Soon will add Video tutorials about working with forex/casino.

I`m not responsible of your doing acts from this tutorial.. it`s just for reading purpose )))

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