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Default True story about casinos.

Hi everybody!

So this story began in rainy autumn some years ago. Me and my partner had stable profit from stuff carding but we want something more than simple order-waiting. We want passion, adrenaline. And we turned our mind to casino.

We didnt have casino-carders among our friends, so we choose poker room randomly. It became www.somepokerroom.com which belonged to some famous company. Once wed download soft and set virtual machine (how-to was described many times) we started to explore magic world of Texas holdem poker. First of all we of course opened big FAQ on site for getting knowledge how money deposit to game and how its withdraw. A surprise was waiting for us.

Visa and Mastercard as deposit methods arent surprised us of course, But wed seen links on payments systems where we could withdraw the money we meet unknown before link www.somepaymentsystem.com. Clicking on it we couldnt believe what wed seen for a long time. It was hided way CC -> WM what lots of carding-beginners are dreaming about. See yourself: registration in system takes some minutes, no need in card or bank account linking, or calling nothing at all! It has an opportunity of instant withdraw to webmoney and upload No not from credit card, or it would be too easy and the article would be not about casino.

It accepted upload from Sweden company with are direct partner of company-owner of poker. So for transferring the money from CC in your keeper, it was enough to make deposit $500 (max in unauthorized account), and order withdraw on somepayentsystem.com, wait till the money reach it and withdraw it to webmoney instantly. So easy that we couldnt believe

But the system eat our deposit and we of course order a withdraw A half an hour after the deposit. I know, knowing casino carders no will shudder from disgust but we were young and didnt know how to promote accounts well and hold them. We just deposited money to account, lose for about $50 and order withdraw. It was funny to wait that they will reach the system.

And more funny was that they reached! From somepaymentsystem we of course sent it to webmoney instantly. These day we were drunk like pigs.

Next day, taking off our sick heads from beds we rushed into registering accounts in somepaymentsystem. I registered emails on yahoo, hotmail, mail333 etc. Partner changed socks like socks (word-playing ))) and registered poker accounts on these emails. At the and of a day e-mail fuckoffyouall@yahoo.com didnt seemed something special.

The end of the day we spent for registering poker accounts and depositing it usual $500 from cards of peaceful American holders And this night ordered withdraw half of them. Mind tried to tell us that it would be better to make some history in accounts, lose more and move money from some accounts to another ones. But avidity refused it: Found casino without anti fraud? Dont waste your time! Make as much as you can!.

Avidity shut up a week later. When 80% of accounts where withdraw was ordered were locked. And only some transactions were successful. But anyway it was the fact: from 10 USA CC was only one success deposit and later less. We shrugged shoulders re-installed windows to german version and had bought some good-quality German CCs. Life was going further, but it was fact that it couldnt last long.

We also tried another countries but we so fucked till this time antifraud of somepaymentsystem that they started to check all accounts by hands at least it seems to us. As soon as we try to withdraw to somepaymentsystem account blocked.

So I wont explain how we got exit from situation. As they say: If your enemies blocked all exits try to escape through entrance. We tried and we got. Of course not without difficulties. But lately we slowly change the direction of our work as we found another more actual things to do. It began to take too much needs for successful work.

So at least me and my partner took different ways and forgot about poker. And somepaymentsystem as far as I know works at the present time.

But this article is a memory about days which were filled by cries FLUSH!, FULL HOUSE etc and will become a small manual for the beginners. So seek, find and dont give up Money is near! )
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