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Default How to remove negative feedback.

Most of you know that on auction Ebay there is rating system. After the end of selling lot seller and customer change feedbacks. If all was successful each other leaves positive feedback. If somebody wasnt agree with something he leaves negative feedback. But often feedback wasnt deserved by received it. And for a long time administration of ebay wasnt agree to remove it except special cases:

- showing by suffered person judgements frcision of this point (absurdity: nobody will have legal proceedings because of feedback);
- feedback was left not about deal (he slept with my wife etc);
- feedback contains url or script;
- feedback contains insulting;
- feedback contains info about investigation, processing duy to received feedback;
- feedback was left by mistake;
In these cases feedback will be removed for free.

But later Ebay by customers asks created procedure of removing negative feedbacks for everybody who wants. As you can guess it has price and it does another company SqareTrade. Payments are making by credit card,

So how it works: you open a dispute and waiting for persons who has left feedback response. So he can answer or not.
In the second way feedback will be removed if:
- there are 14 days from dispute opening has left;
- feedback was left not later than 90 days from you opened a dispute;
- SqareTrade hasnt received any answer from the other side;
- You used correct info;
- Stuff was allowed by auctions rules.

If SqareTrade will receive the answer from the other side its possible that feedback will be removed but following these points:
- person who has left feedback is agree to rremove it;
- you asked help from SqareTrade (I mean that if you has gone to such conclusion with this person without SqareTrade they cant take the money from you and wont remove feedback);
- Stuff was allowed by auctions rules;
- All SqareTrades rules were allowed.

Its important to know two thing:
1. If your feedback wont be removed youll receive your money back;
2. If the person who has left feedback will response, hell be agree to remove feedback after receiving some money it is discussing with SqareTrade.
After closing dispute, feedback will be removed in two weeks
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