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Default Visa Gift Card

Hey everybody i just got my msr805 so i was wondering since im waiting to buy embossed plastic from slacker is it okay to encode my $25 visa vanilla gift card with a dump and take it to Tops where they have a self swipe terminal?
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In theory yes you can.
However, purchases over a certain amount will need a managers approval. Also sometimes they need approval if your planning on carding a GC there too.

Just be smart, and use common sense, you'll be fine.
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Just wait and get your embossed plastics. Sure you could get away with non matching plastic but save yourself some embarrassment and possibly getting caught up and wait for the matching plastics.

I started with the non matching plastics when I first started a while back, I remember one time the clerk looked at the receipt and noticed the last four didnt match to the card and she just thought something was wrong but to my dismay she just cancelled the transaction and I said its a temporary card and maybe the bank made a mistake. It worked but I wont ever do it again.
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