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Default newb guide/easy site @@

Hello guys,

The sites I share go down so quickly cus u guys card the **** out them, but no worries affordablematters . com I find more sites for you guys and I will answer your questions from last time too on which shops I use etc..
Anyways on with the $$$

1. Be sure to always use security CCleaner, Mac address changer, RDP, VPN for extra safety fraudfox things like that I know this is in every guide but its very important and if you don't know how to set these up just use google. if you can afford if you are newb and don't have RDP just go to Public Wifi spot like McDonalds, Starbucks, Walmart etc. wear a hat, sunglasses, hoodie even sit in the car in the parking lot and use cc's from same city/state you are in. Some times this method works better anyways because you pass proxy check things like that looks more legit

2. Get cards from your shop my favorite is rescator.cm I've been using them all year and they have a pretty high validity rate but if you know of a better shop go ahead. MOST IMPORTANTLY try to buy World Business CC's or Armed Forces CC's because they are easier to get passed ship=billing with. Check your cards to get a refund on dead ones but be careful because this can mess up the good cards. Just have to learn from experience on that one I guess really..

3.Go to affordablematters.com this site has everything you would want to card to your drop its like a dream come true seriously guys cant believe I found this one.

4. Pick out items you don't have to make an account or anything like that very simple checkout low sec if you did everything right it will go through trust me guys just use your drop if you don't have a drop I'm sure someone on here can help you or just ask friends, use your neighbors and knock on their door when it is delivered, use rent houses, if you are brave you could try people on social media may be willing to help for a portion of the profit.

5. $$$$$$$$$$$$$
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So all shopping would be online.?
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