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Beginners Questions Learning to carding

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  #1 Old 10-09-2018, 03:06 PM
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Default I thought i was in, then the bank said "nope"... What'd i do wrong?***HELP***

Alright so here's what I did exactly... Can a more seasoned vet on here tell me what I should've done differently, or if there just wasn't a chance to begin with?

I don't currently have a working computer (in the middle of moving so half my shit is in storage; the computer in their is shit anyway)...

So i read in a tutorial that I could use a rooted android phone with xposed framework installed, running the xprivacy module, (to change imei, device ID, and geolocation) combined with HMA VPN and CCleaner...

So I first wiped everything off the phone, starting over fresh... Then I flashed xframwork and installed the xprivacy module... Then i used xprivacy to change my geolocation to the city/state/zip of the card... Then i downloaded HMA VPN, and used the card to unlock the full version of HMA... Noticing that it actually let it go through, I created a gmail with cardholders name and then added the card to that google play account, which also cleared (my previous attempts, before using xprivacy to spoof location, play wouldn't even accept the card)... I used a burner phone to verify the gmail btw, which was from a different area code; but then i replaced that number with a textfree app number from that area...

Anyway, then i used CCleaner on the phone, then connected HMV VPN; then i randomized imei, device id, android id, etc with xprivacy, and finalized that by changing the geolocation to city/state/zip of card...

Then i downloaded Gyft app, and created a fully verified account (which is just email and phone number)... But when I went to checkout on a $50 walmart gift card, it denied it for security reasons...

Just because I was saltier than gotdamned stadium pretzel, I repeated my steps and also tried it on G2A store, which also failed...

Just so everything is on the table, the phone was connected to a public wifi for internet access, and the BIN on the card was 412061...

I came from a different side of the game (Its 2nd nature for me to cold call a complete stranger and convince them to wire my drops $1000+ within 10-20 mins), so bear with me if i completely fucked up what I should've done...

But what should i have done differently???

If one of u veterans on here can guide me to success with this, I promise to return the guidance with knowledge, and the methods to apply it, equal in value...
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Clark Marshall
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try to use another bin
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if you card once end the bank know about a fraud transaction,difficulty can made once again,walmart gift it's high risk,they cancel end allert the bank about,you need to use the name off card holder,sock5 in the same city,you need to use set-up for carding no't phone,then you need to change somethink in firefox,the app know easy about the fraud,end flag the transaction,today security it's increase,end need to use very good socks5,or carding with sim card,when install internet,need to use strong set'up with hotspot from smartphone,you know about virtualbox?
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android, carding, giftcards, gyft, mobile, noob, phone, root

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