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Default This is more towards newbies and those still thinking like n

And while I don't have to state the obvious like beware Gollumfun and don't involve yourself in drug deals, which, not coincidentally, is something Gollum both abuses and busts wannabe playaz.hxxp: Or be very wary of any Nigerians, Romanians, or some character claiming to offer 36 gigs of fresh trojan logs, there are certainly other things you should consider

So without futher ado here is..


Anybody whose signature has "There is no security"

Anybody who regularly uses the phrase "damn fine xxxxx".hxxp: Example "damn fine Admin/vendor"

Anybody who uses the term "he-said-she-said" or "(i think/i geuss/i spose)" he said she said bullshit

Some 'no name' whose immediately handed some fancy title upon registering on a board.hxxp: This proves right there that the Admin's running it are extremely corrupt.hxxp: Naturally the individual given this title is 1000/100 times a RIPPER!

Anybody whose nick has any form of sort or form of carding title; i.e. bank name, credit card name, professes to be any sort of 'expert' casher of (bank accounts, ebays, paypals, whatever).hxxp: Has any variation of 'business' in his nick.hxxp: Has cash or any form of currency, commodity or any forum of exchanger in his nick.

A good example of this would be a nick like cardsbiz

Boasts he's been around since CP, or worse, since CL days.hxxp: Though not as many anymore as most out there have recognised these as the cliched ravings of cold rippers.

Makes excessive use of the term "Lets get back to business".

Losers with zero patience who put a ? one second after asking a question and not getting a response.--See my post detailing these most useless people of all.

Those who quote the whole message of a likely scammer who typically is offering a service/product with his first post usually within minutes of the original post.hxxp: Typically posts no more than a few meaningless words under the quote.hxxp: The purpose of this is to make sure the full scamming offer remains in the thread even after the initial post is edited by mod/admin.hxxp: These are the scammers other nics.

Those who SCREAM 'fed' (not LE, not pig, cop) accusations at anybody who they may disagree with or contests their business practises.hxxp: Also those who scream 'fed' when some deal your trying to arrange or even is still in the discussion stage, doesn't happen immediately.

These are ALL scammers.

Be particularly wary of those

Who ask about the whereabouts of well known CI's or suspicious individuals.hxxp: This is some fucking pig speaking.hxxp: Almost surely the 'handler' for those he's asking about.hxxp: Trying to determine their whereabouts since either they've "gone off the LE asset reservation" or their RATTING contract is over and they may have slipped into a new nick and started biz once more.

Starting a thread asking if a particular method, store or financial institution is 'dead'.hxxp: Typically, they will go on about why this is so and ask if others believe this to be the case.

The reality is, this is a Security Officer for whichever store, bank, he's talking about making a leading question looking for saps and suckers to repond smugly to 'prove him wrong'.hxxp: The only thing you'll be proving is your a blind fool and doing his job for him.hxxp: He'll get a nice, undeserved raise, while you and other losers will get a ride in the back of a police van.
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