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Default How to get CC.

So where does sellers of take a material?

Main way of course e-shops hacking. Article is not for hackers so I wont explain how to hack shop and use different injections and so on. I can just tell that not so few shops use standart php packets like Mamba, OsCommerce and shiet like these. There are a plenty of vulnerabilities in it so its possible to catch the moment of update and use any public vulnerability.
Other variant to get access to shop by catching link, login and password of Panel or Web Hoster Manager (root) for a site, or (attention) is enough access not ANY site located on one server (hosting) with a shop interesting us. How to catch such panels is your business. They can be bought, collected from logs etc.
Light walk on the administrators CP (control panel):
There are two kinds of HTTP admin CPs. For example we have supercards.com. CP for this site will be supercards.com:2082

For especially difficult peoples: a browser in default connected to site through 80th port (or 8080). So when you type www.google.com it comes to www.google.com:80. So I think no its easy to get that on 2082nd port there is the control panel for this site. So when we have it we just enter login and password and thats all ))

The same thing with root access, a difference only that reference port will be 2086, the login will be always identical (root) and the most important third difference that youll be able to operate all sites on the server. For example we have a server We just type in address line 611.227.44:2086, enter login and password, and enter in the root panel.

So next task to get MySQL database because mainly these CCs you need are in it. What about cpanel, such access lets to get access on any site on hosting. Using FTP-manager we upload php-script which uses apache bugs and lets see all sites on hosting. You can see it in read-only mode but its enough to find access to database and here you can do whatever you want ) So use phpMyAdmin script or something like this and make dump of database using export option. Thats all ) In file youll get you find what you need ))

So thats main and the most effective way ) Not the easiest of course but the most effective. But there are another ways sellers dont use them because thats not rentable but for man who doesnt want to buy CC anyway thats vatiants.

If you can a lot of logs enough just enter in search field CVV and receive fresh sample for a day =) Certainly I do not advise to buy sploit, trojan and hosting for it. And of course sellers dont get their CC this way ))) That just a variant.

And the last ancient and dead way fake e-shop. Im not sure if anybody use it anymore a lot of work and its better to make and popular legal shop and get a little profit for any sales. So you need hosting for it and e-shop (like OScommerse or another I wrote before). Of cours there is nothing to sell )) And we dont need it. We just wait for customers who will enter CC data and when we use it ) But I repeat its not worth it now )

Thats about all I think Thats not manual for getting CCs just common info for newbies.
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