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Default Drops - who are they?

Drops - people which work on us on that party of the world on the other side. Our agents who mainly dont suspect about it who do with a call of duty the tasks we give them. There are lazy, unpunctual, impudent, appeasable, clever, stupid persons among them theyre also humans at all. But people which have eat your tempting offer and have found possible to work on you. So we need take care of them - write them letters, congratulate on holidays, answer their stupid questions, in certain cases even pay them money. As a rule about 5 % only from all of people responded to the initial advertisement on employment become drops (it depends of your legend, efficiency of the advertising company, quality of a site, letters and the other factors).

Interesting that big part of drops females (mainly housewives). But males are more punctual and sharper.

Every drop has his own working period after those he becomes dead - usually finds the information what he does about or it is given to him by police or somebody else. There are a lot of reasons for example statements from bank have came and drop saw that there is no his name in it (knowing people in USA usually tell that if you receive such document and your name is not such its written there youre real drop). Lately mailmen are interested in cases when there are a lot of parcels on different name come on one address (there were situations when mailman asked drop to give written explanation) at least Internet resources such as scam.com and other mass media.

So thats why we need take from drops all what we can take (to order maximum parcels).
But no need to hasten too much lately drops often rip. They operate differently. So you should do different checks test-parcels, making calls. But anyway there are very clever rippers and if youll meet them there are few chances you avoid ripping. Main that you should do try to do all smartly, quick at in needed time.
Psychological aspect.
It was good to hear from you. I am really excited and honoured to know that we will be working together.
They write usually in such way. Write about last opportunity to earn and about needs in money and something like this. They write that you are good manager, congratulate on holidays, tell their private info, share impressions, pleasures and troubles. When they get known that this work is out of law they become laconic. Usually either dont write anything, or write one semi-official letter like:
I do not think I will be receiving any more packages for you as I do not want to be a part of this fraudulent activity.
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