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Default Crazy Hardware Trojan Horse

Needed Equipment:

1. Large UPS (may be non-operational, must have an RJ45 surge suppressor)
2. Small UPS (Functional, fits within Large UPS)
3. 5 port Switch (I used gigabit...)
4. Atom Motherboard with CPU
5. 1 Gig DDR2 Ram (May use other size)
6. Small power supply (~ 300 watts)
7. 128 Gig SATA Harddrive (May use other size)
8. Wireless NIC (PCI or USB)
9. 7dBi Omni antenna
10. Various cable (network and other), and misc wire (probably in your computer crap closet already)

Other Equipment I used, may/may not be needed:

1. Dental Mirror
2. Soldering Iron (and solder of course)
3. Flashlight

Ok, remove the guts from the large UPS, save the pieces.
Leave the backplane intact.
Mount the smaller UPS in the large one.
(I used hot glue.)
Make the necessary hookup to the small UPS from the backplane of the large UPS.
(Including power outlets, power switch, and USB port if applicable, make sure any LED's are paralleled from the small UPS to the large.)
Attach both RJ45 surge ports on the Large UPS backplane to the switch.
Mount the Atom motherboard (with RAM), power supply, antenna, and hard drive in the Large UPS.
(More hot glue)
Lock the motherboard in "ON" by jumpering the power switch leads.
Make all necessary power connections to components.
Also, attach the motherboard NIC port to the switch.

At this point I hooked up a keyboard, mouse, and cdrom...
I installed Backtrack 3 onto the harddrive as well as configuring VNC server on the wireless NIC.
Set wireless NIC to adhoc mode, setup encryption, ...
Set cron script to only enable the wireless NIC from midnight to 6:00 am.
(This is optional but will decrease the possibility of detection.)
Take out the keyboard, mouse, and cdrom.
Test the VNC setup... (Does this need to be said?)

Button up the Large UPS. (This is your last chance to be sure everything works.)

Pack professionally in heavy cardboard box with plastic bag and peanuts (styrofoam - couldn't resist )
Print out a shipping label for your target company. (ATTN: IT Department)
Include invoice for warranty repair from about a year ago. (No charges)
I included a handwritten note apologizing for the delay.
I also delivered the package myself. (This was a multi office building) I told the receptionist it was left at the maintenance office by mistake.
It took almost 2 weeks before I got a signal.

Bandages for soldering burns, and case bites: $3.25
Hardware, not including stuff I already had: $400.00
Access to the victim's network and T3 Internet: Priceless

BTW... the helpful IT staff apparently check the firewall logs everyday, got that password first day.

Oh, if you insist on loading a Windows OS, include a cheap mechanical timer that turns off the power to the Mini computer for about 15 minutes every day.
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