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Default Steam accounts stealing (Carding Tutorial)

Hello, everybody , today we will talk about how you can completely steal a steam account and live in the chocolate. So, I'll paint all the steps for beginners and for people who are not very fumble in this case, after the General plan will attach all the screens and instructions.

What do we need for this:

1) The steam account of the victim

2) Access his / her mail

3) Skillful hands.

The instruction itself:

1) Go to the victim's mail

2) Go to the steam account of the victim (If you do not know the password, then click restore, then enter the code from the mail, then delete the letters, in order to hide the evidence of the presence on the account, just clear the trash from the steam letters

3) Set your password, do everything for yourself

4), Click Settings.

Next, change the E-Mail, change the mail to your own and confirm it.

Next, the Settings (Change the secret question), change and confirm.

Forth Settings Steam Guard, bet authorization on mobile phone.

Then select the Settings - Family - family view, without jackdaws, set the PIN CODE.

5) it is Desirable to change the nickname, hide the profile, delete all friends.

6) Go to the victim's e-mail, do everything according to the instructions :

Spoiler: Screenshots in the mail , let it be , go to "Settings"

Go to - > "filter Rules - >" Add filter"

1) Plugins there these street address:

2) Delete permanently, save

Next, go to "Add forwarding", There enter your soap, which you want to do the forwarding of letters from the victim's mail, go to your mail, confirm, do not FORGET to GO BACK to the FILTERING MENU and put a TICK on YOUR MAIL! Because by default it is not there.

Once you have done the forwarding, * * * * aite in the mail search "Thank you for your purchase . Thank you for purchase"
You keep a couple of checks

If checks on mails there is no, then throw 5 rubles on steam victims and retain itself a check,

Create an account in tech support with this login steam on your mail., think as this to do to explain not need to.
I have thus broke a hijack many accounts steam, hard workers even not realize that this was, in average until man not figure out that Yes as, will take a look guides as this to remove, you will have time merged this account and not get caught on guarantee 24 hours market)
Good luck everyone.
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