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Default Passive earnings for newbie (2019)

You can call it an article, and partly a help for beginners. That is why and decided to to place this tube top in this section. At the same time, more people will see this method. And do not be afraid of competitors, the scope is huge.

This way to was found I on another forum still six months ago and more less successfully mastered and, can be said, finalized.

There will be a fairly extensive description of the topic, but not ready " key to the dough." Read the topic, turn on the head and go to the implementation.

We will work with the streaming service Spotify or similar. I work with Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Napster, but first you need to understand the principle of working at least on one site.

Immediately'll throw the Intel about figures. I'm sure everyone is primarily concerned about this:

"Spotify pays about $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream to the music rights holder of"

$150/$0.006 = 25000 auditions
Suppose the length of the composition is 100 seconds (for even score)
25000 auditions * 100 seconds = 2 500 000 seconds of auditions (needed to earn $150)
2 500 000/60 = 41 666 minutes
41 666/60 = 694 hours
694/20 hours per day = 34.7 days - for so many days we will earn $150 from one device if we spin our tracks on it for 20 hours a day. Pretty good, I think.

Now multiply this figure by 20-30 devices and count. Just make a reservation, it can be deployed. It will be necessary, of course, to work hard and adjust everything, but for the sake of such income-why not? Especially passive.

Plan in brief:

1. Create your own unique track length of at least 80 seconds. It is important, it should be yours. Not are at work with various programs on creating music, order for $10-15 2-3 bits and forget about this problem.
2. We are looking for a distributor to place your tracks in the service. (It's not that simple. But if the head is in place-will understand. There are experts on the forums who display your tracks on streaming sites absolutely legally, creating an artist profile for you and connecting to all known streaming sites)
3. Most interesting. We begin to twist our tracks in the service and fill listening with Spotify Family accounts, mainly. I'm deploying 80/20. 80 percent Family, 20 percent Single.
Why is it predominantly? Yes, because such accounts can be twisted from several devices.
3.1. We type in the logs (a dubious idea, I personally did not do so), card or just buy a few dozen such accounts. Accounts for $5-8 can be taken.
3.2. We take under these akki dediki (about $10 for each will cost)
3.3. We deploy emuli on the trucks and run our streams, turn on our songs and listen.
4. Profit.

There are a million pitfalls, of course, but they are all solvable. You will solve them as they come.

Without cons here, too, can not do.

- payments not monthly and not on requirements, and on quarters
- not the lowest costs, but not colossal. $300 should be more than enough to run a more or less adequate network.
- it is necessary to start every time on grandfathers all this good according to the schedule.

And there are still many drawbacks and problems, but who is looking for a solution that will always find.
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