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Default Here you go folks. Enjoy

Paypal is just a 100% pain the ass. Here is what most people are doing wrong.

-Paypal stores the person's IP who access the account as well as cookies. When Paypal sees that it is not that IP, and the cookies are not present, it assumes you are trying to steal the money.

-That is why it you need to be verified. In order to do this, you need a good middle man account that is verified and has purchased something and made about 10 small transfers under 50 dollars. Set this up with a real name and address. Maybe a neighbor? or find it out using a people search. Reason for this is paypal will check to see if the person really is real and has an address there. There are many ways of doing this.

-Here is another key step. Call paypal and tell them you are new, ask for how the site works, tell them you just found Paypal and you really like it. Tell them you own an online business and you do large transfers. Next you must get the person's number and extension so that if you do get limited, you call up slightly angry asking why this is happening? I never had this issue with other payment services ect and they will remove the limit. If they ask for docs, people sell them on this forum. Photoshop is your friend.

-Paypal isn't stupid is the real thing here. Next thing you need is a stealth paypal account fully verified and attach a vcc to it. Make a few small transfers under 100 dollars. After doing all of this, send the money from your hacked/phished account to your verified account you created, WAIT 2 days, transfer to your stealth account, delete the middle man account and and go to an ATM and withdraw your money slowly each withdraw under 100 dollars. This works 95% of the time. A vast majority of people would not share this but I am a nice person..... or am I?
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