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Default simple carding - buying a lap?

Works for almost all shops......
1.go to the site u wanna card the lap or anything u want...remember to use socks5, vpn or rdp
add it to cart and dont use shop as guest but register
add your shippin addy.
after registering copy down the site's phone number.
2.register for usa/uk/canada phone number any way u want..usa site usa number....after sign up u will get a phone number

Free Caller ID Spoofing Trial - .
Paste sites number in destination number...and paste number u got from registering at ur number column....paste the same at spoof number column......
the site allows you to change your voice

4,Now call them and give ur on cc u registered with at shop and be alittle creative talking to support line.
For instnce, if you are cardin a 50" screen, you can probably say you just moved to the shippin street address and u want a screen but ur internet conn. to the new home is not fixed yet so you are thinking of getting the price of a sony 50" screen and and my username is ........and txt my payment info for the payment as soon as possible.

Don't forget to pm me if its good for you!

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