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Default Myspace, Tumblr, Linkedin, iMesh, NeoPets, Yahoo, Twitter, Dropbox, and many more

Myspace, Tumblr, Linkedin, iMesh, NeoPets, Yahoo, Twitter, Dropbox, and many more.
Here are just a couple of sites that I have used to find databases that I needed and a couple more sites useful for cracking hashes such as MD5 or SHA1.
Remember to like the thread and classify it as still working. Wink
EDIT: I will continue to update the thread with more links as I find them, I've already added 2 more (Staminus/000webhost)
EDIT: I have added another link that I would highly recommend being used, it has a large amount of free databases for download and private databases for purchase. 9-21-16
EDIT: Be sure to check out this guy's recent threads for other very HQ leaks that are not listed here: User: 14mk4l154n4
EDIT: If anyone needs a specific database that they cannot find, message me. I will see if I have it in my private collection or if I can find a link for you. But most you can find on these sites.
We Know Your Email - Password to enter site: @kimmyA@3990 - This site has multiple DBs inside
Services – I'm Cthulhu - Scroll down
Myspace Data Dump | TheCthulhu
LinkedIn Data Dump | TheCthulhu
siph0n - exploits : leaks : dumps : papers : hashes - This site contains lots of DB dumps/hash dumps/scripts/etc. The databases are under "Leaks" - This site has a very large amount of DBs located here, there is a large amount of them free to download and there are private ones being sold for BTC, I would highly recommend this site.
Though I would recommend using something like Hashcat yourself, these sites also work fine for cracking hashes: - Good for lots of hash types and has a very large wordlist free for everyone to download. - Decent site, could be better. - To switch to MD5 just hover over "Decrypter/Cracker" and select "MD5 Decrypter"
Read More at :
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