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Default How to vend with out getting caught

I want to know the security measures needed to vend online. You may include the obvious (anonymity,proxies,vpn) . But i am more interested in the at home end.....

How to pick up WU with out getting cuaght......
(WU to ..... to ..... atm.....they sill have a location you accessed atm)

How to ship with out etc.....

Keep all products clean of prints?

In my opinion a schedule could be created of where a vendor is picking up his WU and where he is shipping from (even if it is random and changes every time)....thus creating a general idea of where he some video footage of him......

Seeing it has been stated that theese are the most likely people to be traced, tracked,investigated,caught.....i would like to know how they are and how we are supposed to avoid that horrible outcome?
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 9:32 am Post subject: Reply with quote
I can just give you my experience.

My product is pretty low security and is actually quite legal to sell, and the good are delivered completely online, so I can't help you with shipping.

I never pick up my WU in the same place. I don't mean same store, I mean same town, city, etc. I schedule my pickups around known events, such as days I'm going to a baseball game, going upstate (that I live in NY is no secret), etc.

I don't have much to worry about stings and locations though, as I don't do anything illegal on this board. So other vendors may have much tighter security features.

Oh also a good nov for WU pickups, though a lot of times they don't even check it.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 12:54 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
Maybe this will help:

How to be a ShadowCrew Vendor by --enkrypt--

So, you have read enough tutorials, invested in some goods or what not, and have a product that is ready for sale, that no doubt will have some great intrest to your fellow crew members.

Well, people ask me all the time, what does it take. Well, many things, I will put together this little guide, to hopefully get you on your way.

Two things first.

You need integrity. You need to be honest with your customers, simple as that. If you have a problem with lies, like, yeah, it will go out tomorrow, and two weeks later, you haven't even touched someones order, vending is not for you.

Second, is your personal safety. Since everything on this board is all discussion, and some people feel they want to pretend to be a vendor, well, the pigs in the REAL world, well, they don't like that. They see it as mocking them. Since you aren't really even doing anything, well, they see you as simply laughing in their faces. So your personal safety, and anonimity is one of the most important things you can ever safeguard.

Okay. Let's get going.

Storing your goods/customer information.

Idealing, if you are producing a product, or manufactuering, or have something physical, you would want some place AWAY from your home. If you can afford it, a small studio or one bedroom apartment, would be great. A place you can go to work, but still have a couch to sit on and eat a snack while your 47 pass template is printing for 2 hours.

Apartments can get pretty pricey. A few other alternatives, is a small office, you can usually find them for much less then a small apartment. Just keep your door locked, you are not opened yet. Maybe an office that doesn't have too much open window looking in at you hehe. If they do, you want the mirror reflective tint, lets you see out, but not people see in very easily. Something that could probably be worked out with the landlord.

Another very affordable option is storage space that has some power to it. Bring lots of boxes, but stick a table in the back with a computer and your equipment there. Run over whenever you need to, and get working. It isn't the best option, or the most ideal option, but it is a lot more affordable then say renting out an apartment.

To keep your customers information private, I recommend enkrypting the hard drive and the files (woah, did you see that one coming?)

Drivecrypt lets you enkrypt the entire hard drive with very strong military 1344 bit enkryption. Keep your passphrases nice and long and never write them down or store them. I suggest NOT typing in your passwords. Use the built in windows keyboard. If a keylogger is installed, well, they cannot get passwords if keys are not TYPED onto the keyboard. Sure, if they have screen capture, maybe they can get some of the keys. But sure would slow down any trojans process.

I personally then also use another enkryption tool. I then enkrypt each file individually. Passphrases are again different. There are many great tools out there, that are small enkryption tools. Look for one that offers 128bit + enkryption, in popular algorythms like blowfish.

When deleting a file, use a program to erase it securely. A few good programs, are evidence eliminator, and a program called "eraser" both are excellent programs, and the second is available for free. Evidence eliminator has some additional functions that can clean up some of the computer history and file accesses.

Each program besides just deleting single files, can erase all the free space on the computer, and make any files deleted (or say like printer cache that was deleted after a print) is completely erased from the hard drive. DoD specs is three passes of 0, 1 then random. There was a statistic something like, it would cost $10,000 to recover 10kb of data after DoD specs. Unless you are doing something extremely bad, it is not worth the recovery efforts.

If you have to print anything, or you have a bad print and don't need it. I recomend a criss cross cut paper shredder. I think encourage either flushing it, or burning it. Teslin doesn't shred very well. So if it is teslin you are destroying,I recomend getting the large black markers, blacking everything out, and then running it through a cheap paper shredder that is only for teslin. Once through, tear the peices, (stretch them and snap them) at least once through it, and flush. Teslin doesn't burn very well, and stinks pretty damned bad.

If you have an offsite place you may not have internet access. So, you will have to transfer customer data from point a, to your work place. The item to use here, is most definitely a USB hard drive, thumb drive, or depending on the computers you are using, you may be able to use several of the compact flash/memory stick or such cards. Available in 32, 64 + through a couple of gigs of information. It should be plenty to even transfer templates, as well as lots of customer data.

When the files are transfered, be sure to enkrypt the data in case it ever got into the wrong hands. The small devices are also very easy to hide very quickly or even break between your fingers or with a hammer. Sure, the information may still be recoverable, but the cost would be extreme for them, and it's still enkrypted even if they are able to recover anything.

If that is not an option, burning a CD is another common choice or even just floppy disks if that is all that is available.

Okay, let's move onto step next.

Keeping yourself anonymous

Whenever getting online, make sure you use anonymous proxies. This is discussed many times in details, search for it if you are unsure.

You will need to contact your customers, so you need an email or something. When using email, or say ICQ/AIM etc. use a proxy still. Use email that does not require java or active x. There are many email providers out there that remove the IP and enkrypt the messages as well. Again, this has been discussed extensively, do a search to find the information. On IM services, use a socks proxy to keep your real IP hidden behind another one.

When mailing items, do not use a real return address. Get a drop set up, even a PO box anonymously. Have mail returned to that drop, check it once every few months to make sure you're not getting junk mail, or when that one package got returned for some reason.

When receiving items from customers (in trade, whatever) keep your anonimity. Why would you have something sent to your house? Why? Open a drop. A MBE costs $40 for 3 months (depending on location, size of course) a PO box in some rural areas, you can get a box for $75 for a year.

Very affordable, and keeps your anonimity. There is no reason to shout out your real address to anyone that could be a cop that is pissed at you for mocking them with your imaginary sales.

Conducting business

Okay, you took some precautions, and are ready to go. Don't forget your review. I don't care who you are, or what you have already done/proved yourself, you need a review for this, and any additional product you sell.

So get one. Ask for one when you are ready, and if you have some reviewers in mind, ask them to do the review, before you even post your offer. That saves you from getting tons of requests before you can even sell anything, and saves you from countless new people asking for it up front since you are not review. If they don't have the money upfront, don't count on them having them money if you front it for them.

If you don't know who should do the review ask. Either ask some respected people, or make a post asking for a review, and what it is that needs a review.

When you are ready to sell, and have your review posted, contact the moderator over the vendors/reviews section. Ask to be added to the vendors list, and to have permission to post in there.

Then make a post with a description of your products, prices, turn around time, and a link to your reviews.

Something that a lot of vendors do, is put a link to their review(s) in their signature and contact information.

Make sure people can contact you. If you prefer email, tell them that and make your contact address public. If you prefer PM or IM or whatever, tell them that.

Get yourself a system. Schedule whatever. Reply to customers questions. You may want to consider making an order form if you are to get lots of information from them that they can quickly email to you. You may want to write a FAQs as you go along if a lot of the questions are all the same.

But reply to your customers, and be honest. If your turn around time is getting longer, tell them that. There are many VERY impatient people here. You don't need to be defending yourself from accusations which just slows you down even more.

a subtitle to this, is accepting money.

You want to do this anonymously as well. Western Union with a test question and answer is popular. Completely anonymous. Go to a place that has no cameras, you won't ever be noticed again. I recommend changing the pick up locations. If you are constantly going to the same place, that may create a perfecet opportunity for you to be set up at some point. Downfall to WU is that it is expensive for the sender to send the money.

E-gold is another popular choice. Money can be moved easily, and keeps anonimity. It is really is not too hard to use or cash out. I will write an article on e-gold soon.

Paypal is not a very good choice for most people. You may have worries about it getting closed by paypal, peopleusing stolen accounts to pay, etc etc. Not a very popular choice.

If you have no problems accepting a physical funds, postal money orders are very easy to cash out. But that requires that you receive something at a drop. And although is an option if other things fall through, not the best for anonimity.

You may be the kindest person in the world, but I wouldn't recommend fronting people goods/services. Although there are many great people here, those that are begging for something, if you send it, count on it as being a freebie. My experience, simply they pay up front or nothing. If the really wanted it or needed it, they will get the money for it. You want to play the roll of a vendor, not a bill collector.

PICK UP your money before you send products. Sure WU may be sent, but what if there is no test question, etc. etc. They may drag their feet if you already sent them their stuff.

Well, of course, you complete their order. Lots of people like to see "proofs" so they can ensure all information is accurate, and that they will be happy with what is being sent. Of course this doesn't apply to everything, just some items. If the turn around time is a day, it does create delays. You should ask the customers upfront if they still want them though even if it causes a delay. Some people still want them.

Sending the goods
Okay, you were reviewed, took orders, got some money. Now what. Well, of course, send them their stuff. If you are shipping an item, use a trackable method so you both know when the items arrive to them.

If the information is able to be sent online, email them, PM whatever you have been using to communicate, or what they request. Remember to use proxies.

When shipping items, there are several things.

First, packaging. Although it is very simple to drop an item in an envelope, it may not always be the best. You want to protect the items, so inside another envelope, or something.

When shipping across international boarders, you may want to hide items even better. Putting items into something else, for example a toaster. There we go. Take it apart and put the items inside.

On customs, mark the item inside as a toaster, and it is a gift for your friend and his new wife. Ahhh how sweet. That way they should not have to pay duties or taxes either.

When shipping, you can go in person or there are a few other options. Many sites let you print of postage if you know the weight, right off their site, and drop it in a pick up box. This is fine if you have an anonymous credit card you can use.

Otherwise, going to anyplace, many that don't have cameras (small grocery stores now have a shipper at their customer service desk that they wweigh it, take your money, plus their fee)

This makes it so your face is never on camera, but may delay shipments up to a day, depending on the store and what not.

You could also set up a fedex or UPS account, and just drop items in to a drop off box that way as well.

After the sale

Get in contact with your customer. Ensure everything was to their expections and thank them for their order. Repeat customers are the best, you aren't dealing with someone, that has all the questions, a repeat customer has already asked and knows the answers.

When you get a lot of orders, be sure to send in a donation to the ShadowCrew server funds. The only reason shadowcrew is here is from donations. Without them, the place would be gone. If you are making some money, why not support the reason you are making that extra income.

A few extra hints, notes etc

Things not to offer: drops, bank accounts, credit cards with pins. The items are crazy. If you had any of them, you would use them yourself, and make 10x's as much yourself, then whatever you could possible sell them for.

If you try and offer such items, people will just scream at you, make fun of you, harass you until you understand how stupid it was for you to try and offer such things.

Don't offer your services in other vendors threads that offer similar items. It seems to just start fights. Make a new thread with your current offer if you need to, or bump your original offer up.

That's all there really is to being a vendor on this discussion forum. Many people enjoy it, and you will make many friends from those that will pretend to be your customers.

If you have a new product that has never been offered before, ask to see if there is intrest in it. There very well may be.
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