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Hi all. This will be an article about slot machines. More precisely the shadow business is harping on slot machines. Namely, the bugs.BUG (English bug - beetle) - slang term, usually indicating an error in a program or system that produces unexpected or incorrect results.

Prologue:This phenomenon is connected for about three years of my life. This will be an article and at the same time a confession. About 10 years ago, I sat close to the casino. Not just playing in a casino, and it lived there. I played every day. At that time I already had a small business, bring me a steady income and does not require constant monitoring. Every day I passed by one and the same-scenario. Rise around 18:00, breakfast, small business in the city, the casino, going to bed as it will and so the circle. I knew that I depend on him, and knew it was the fast life, but nothing with myself I could not. As in any other sphere of life / leisure / work / hobbies do you begin to gradually understand what you're doing. It does not matter it's drugs, occupation or Kamasutra. I began to think more about what I do. I knew that the casino is definitely a positive expectation for a mate and a negative for their clients, I was not looking for systems Roulette and even tried to start counting in point, because the rules of these games do not change, but I knew that gaming machines written by people, and with them I am ready to fight, compete or cooperate. So I got in a huge world of bugs slot machines. It really is a huge business. Shadow business.

1) programmers.The first group of people, it is most important, powerful and rich. It's the programmers who write software for gaming machines. Programmers especially in implementing software bugs, to then sell them on the black market for huge money.

2) The user, on tour.A second group of people, people who are directly involved in the exhaust slots. People who buy these bugs for a lot of money and then popping machines of the city or touring the country like I did.

3) students.It's like a carding. One to one. Only instead of carding bugs D + P. A huge number of fans of freebies, or just students, eating in search of the Internet Public bug. Yes, bugs sooner or later fall into the Public, but then the sense from them anymore.

4) The Grifters. Ripert.Where did without them. People do not care who buy or sell, but willing to throw money at least, at least for a bug. In terms of throwing in the industry is much easier for all of the major transactions take place face to face with a double demonstration. First, the seller shows the bug, then the buyer chooses any gambling establishment, and tries to use the bug yourself.

Types of bugs:
1) Protsentovka.This is a bug that does not drive machine at a loss. With the use thereof, the machine will give its full advantage, neither more nor less. This is the cheapest kind of bugs the price of which started from 2-3k $. The most famous protsentovka that I could remember was on the machine and Black Beard Olympic Games of Astro corporation. Who played at a time into the apparatus, should remember how this bug suddenly got in Public and later all the machines povyklyuchali and later alter.
Bug was a little dull algorithm: Playing for 9liniy/1bet to win. Then 6 times 1liniya/1bet. Then 2 times 1liniya/maks bet. And a new one. In the last stage of the algorithm, the line must play. We bought this bag in Moscow for $ 10k. It was a very precious time for me. We are a huge number of devices vyhlopali across the country.

More of a bug protsentovok slots family Subsino. Such as the Royal Eagle, Formosa, Treasure Vegas and Festival. So the same bug was in the simple algorithm: 1liniya/maks bet until the fall combination, then twice 9liniy/maks bet. Fatty apparatus gave is not even bad. Protsentovok was overwhelming. On the golden key, the Chukchi, the Miracle and more.

2) Minus.This is a bug that drives the machine at a loss. That is not important in the black machine or not, he will give you as much money as it should. Among the backing tracks bugs are divided into two categories. With the penetration and without. With the penetration means that the bug was acting, you get access to the system or hardware for certain procedures. As I toured, we did not play with penetration. Here is the interesting part. I'll tell you about a bug in Gaminator that works on older firmware and is being followed by me a year ago until they alter in our city. The game starts at 9liniy/1bet. When drops two icons with a bonus (free game) bet increases (9liniy/2bet), the game goes on, dropped two icons bonus bet increases (9liniy/3bet) and so on, until you fall out free game. Once dropped, the algorithm starts again. Under this system, we removed from the Book of Ra (book) 2.4mln rubles a year ago. When we next come to the casino, planted lam back and the next day received information that came from Moscow and the programmer to alter all the machines. I think this bug also died, at least in major cities. At that time I no longer worked the bugs, but just went to share with old colleagues.

Electronic Roulette.
Of course, electronic roulette is basically a slot machine, but in a different shell. Similarly, as created by people in this major plus. When I started to deal with bugs, I, as a former kazinoshnika drawn to roulette. I really wanted to get a bug electronic roulette. And once we found someone who was willing to sell the company's electronic roulette bug Diamond Club. First came the negotiations, we have learned the essence of the bug and, for a start, we decided to analyze the game of roulette Diamond Club alone to detect sequence or algorithm. We bought with money falling out information about the numbers for last night at a club and tried to find whatever it was, but to no avail. Buying a bag of money was not much desire as the price of bite, and the exhaust was scanty for electronic roulette wheel, which I knew were limited rate of 250 rubles a number. After much thought and knocking down prices, the bug was priobrten. It looked as follows: you have to wait until the fall among the 28, then the 5th and 6th spin hammered the numbers 9, 10, 17, 20, 36. One of them dropped out always at the 5th or 6th spin after 28. I was delighted with the performance of the system, but a lot of money did not bring it and we scored on it. Incidentally issue died quickly. This is due to unscrupulous sellers of bugs. Sell bugs in a lot of hands is fraught with their death in the near future, similar to carding schemes.

Find or buy a bag is not so simple. It was not easy in those days, now I think even harder. I got into this business not once he learned about it, but after about a year. About a year I spoke with serious Bagher on the internet, then, having good connections and opportunities in the city, I invited them to his tour, promising to resolve the issue with garbage and with payments cubes. So I got into this industry fraud. Prices then were bugs from 5k to $ 100k $. This is from what I saw. As I mentioned earlier, every transaction took place during a personal meeting with the obligatory demonstration of "good"

As in the case of carding, the Police informed of the existence of the business and of course this is a criminal offense and punishable under Article 159 of the Criminal Code fraud. None of my close friends are not sat down, but the situation was complex. Especially in foreign cities. Of course there were black sheets, and operatorshi called cops and club owners, but thankfully solved peacefully. Work to optimize all three. One works, the second is near, the third stands behind. if the firing, it is better to take money and throw. All aware of the existence of these touring companies. The hosts of clubs and the police and the cashier with the operator. Safety first.

Epilogue:Bugs slot machines is not a myth. This is not a fairy tale. They do exist. And people do make them big money. So it is and always will be. All that is created by man-deficient and will be destroyed by it.
Thank you, if you read it.

(c) sanya
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