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Default Poker manual. Part 2 fraud inside the room.

So we already have an account with money. Further we can:
- bet and win till $2000 on balance and:
1) sell for 10-20% from balance (deposit without withdraw 15-20%. To withdraw is possible only on Visa CCs which were made not in USA). Maximum profit from account is about $400.
2) lose won money to a clean account (lose carded money is already not good idea). Today is actual loosing in DoN (double or nothing) and timplay of expencive tournaments with less than 100 players (you should have a least three carded accounts). Holdem on NL100-NL400 is almost dead so its not worth it if it isnt standard working limits of clean accounts. Also you can lose from carded account till some trust limit (its made by security service of the room and usually $20-$100) and withdraw on fresh-registered account its stable profit for people who dont wait jack-pots and just want to work and earn. Profit from $500.
3) Give for cashing out. Profit to $1000.
4) Make a deposit by yourself and withdraw (moneybookers, neteller, webmoney etc). Account in payment system should be made with the same info (country, name, addres) which you used during registration of poker account. Then make transfer to account for cashing out with linked credit card or bank account.

- do the direct transfer to clean account BUT you mustnt order a withdraw on clean one! There are a lot of rooms where transfers work. In 90% won money are transferred without documents and shiet like this. I advise you to use one more account between carded and clean Till they will lock and investigate the chain your chances of success are growing.

- if you made deposit on promoted account (account with big history of playing and transactions) then you can win come money and right after that withdraw the money to the account where youve already made withdraw. Security service will start to work only after fraud notification. You can also make a deposit from CC on your own clean account from cards of another countries and payment systems accounts. Sometimes youll be lucky and your clean accounts will present you for about $1000 a week. For example in Titan was verified account with documents and some cashouts which lived without locks for about a month and there were some dirty deposits through MB merchant (read the first article if you dont understand what Im talking about), play for vision and made withdraw on WebMoney. Ive got a lot of points and I decided to order a bonus but security servise got up and locked the account explained that I had no permission to take this bonus.
Similar situation was in PS and FTP where deposits were made with good CC on promoted accounts. Then withdraws were ordered.

Now poker is dead for people which just want to press a couple of buttons and dont invent any new ways. There are always enough bugs in different rooms just you must be able to find and use it. Soon Ill write the third part of poker manual cashing out.
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