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Default eBay FAQ for everybody

Q: Is work with Ebay still actual?
A: Its will be actual ever till there are trustful people;.

Q: Is it worth to start from Ebay?
A: No you shouldnt. Ebay working is difficult for the beginner and you can just loose your money;

Q: What of Ebay ( .com, .de, etc) is worth to be chosen for worj?
A: Better to work with country which language you know better.

Q: Why is it not worth it to buy accounts from another peoples?
A: Because that account can be sold to someone else. He can be buyers account with added CC after, and it could be sold to you as it was instantly sellers account. Its difficult to make decision about account and its activity if it active instead of promised non-active nobody will make moneyback for you.

Q: Which lots its better to put?
A: Expensive and very expensive. Better account better lot. But dont put autos and expensive electronics. Also its better to have some knowledge about stuff youre putting in lot.

Q: Where should I take lots?
A: The best way to make it by yourself. You can also do the search on eBay on needed things, save 150-200 and hold it for 2-3 months. All will be successful if you will work constantly.

Q: What period of time is the best for auction?
A: If its steeled account for about 5 days. If it your promoted or fresh 7 days.

Q: What methods of payment are preferred?
A: That methods which your drop-service will be able to cashout quickly and quality. Best service can accept payment on paypal and pay to you by wmz in 5-7 days. But its difficult to find such.

Q: So buyer sent check/wire/paypal on my drop. What should I do now?
A: There are 3 ways:

1) Tell that youre in another state now and will send the lot as soon as youll arrive, write about your sick wife, children etc.
2) Make fake tracking-service and give to buyer fake track. On all his claims why its not Fedex answer that you can get the parcel back and resend by Fedex.
3) Ask drop to send any trash to buyer one of the longest way of delivery.

Q: How much can I earn on ebay in a month?
A: From - $2k to +50k.

Q: How can I get off from asks for calls?
A: If lot is expencive enough you can make redirect or order a call in a call-service.

Q: How often does ebay suspend accounts?
A: All depends on account itself. There is antifraud system and also good-wishing people.

Q: How to pur the lot?
A: Usually by browser, proxy any of the same county as account. Of course dont forget about system setting.

Q: What should I write in item location field?
A: If you trust to your drop and sure in his life befir the account write his location, If not just country.

Q: Should I write how much will he delivery be cost?
A: Whatever you want. Usually this info is sending to e-mail.

Q: Can I work with Ebay with bad English?
A: Everything is possibke. But its funny to read your lots description for people with native English. Its better to find a partner with good English.

Q: Sometimes I am asked to enter card number during e-mail changing and sometimes Im not. Whats the reason?
A: May be such accounts where Iare asked too much time was non-active and e-mail changing attracted attention.

Q: Where can I buy accounts bas and how should I check them correct?
A: You can find sellers posting an announcement about buying big amount o accounts will be cheaper. Where is not so much people which sell it and less with good quality. Thats why its better to use escrow. Not good to buy accounts froom Trojan as accounts mostly will be active.
You can check accounts with Agressors checker or by your hands differences in time only.
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