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Default Address Verification System description of the system

Address Verification System (AVS) system is used to verify a person using a credit card
The system checks the billing address of credit card data entered by the user are in the bank card issuer
AVS verifies the numeric portion of the address

For example:
If your address is 120 Main Street, Highland, CA, 92346 AVS will check 120 and 92346, Sometimes AVS checks and apartment number.

Cardholders who received false answer AVS system may require manual overrides or reprogramming of the data in the bank issuer

Currently, only a few countries support AVS system on the VISA and Mastercard in particular the U.S., Canada and the UK

American Express supports the AVS in the U.S.

In addition to automatic verification, some banks also offer sellers the opportunity to check the customer data manually, this takes place in a bank call or send a fax
Usually this is done for foreign accounts unnecessarily AVS only works in one country
This helps retailers combat fraud coming from other countries
Nevertheless, some countries such as Denmark did not provide information about the client.
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