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Default For newbies (by Jason)

another tutorial I found, all credits to author just posting to help


Eh you know nothing is free u must pay for it to get it,litle number of peeps gives their money for it,Some peeps hacking Admin Shops (thatz to advanced for carding noobs) , some hacker gives to you cc on some forum or u get it from ViP, and that noob like he first time saw a cc buys : "5 resellers,hosting's,30 domains,50 steam accounts.. etc, and whatz gonna happen after 7 days ? , everythin u bought will be cancelled.When u get cc dont buy too much things,one gold rule, "Dont buy too much if u dont need it" , one cc = 1 domain . Eh where to card domain ? , Go to "" , and ull see it says in left section of site "Yahoo Small Bussines" go to "Register domain for one year" , It will ask you "Do you wanna hosting for your site bla bla bla .." u click only "My Domain Name" there will be "My Domain name + email" but that will be almost same like hosting , so dont click that .. they will cancell ur domain if u do ^^
Steam carding ?
Why not card steam ? , look if u card it and not ur cc .. after few days steam is disabled , so dont card it .. Phish them
Dedicated Server's Carding ?
one and only place on internet u can card server with hacked cc is "" those are rly big noobs,they doesnt know whatz "chargeback" u can change cc's for every month .. i wrote about them in one my older tut =) .. So buy it everytime on 1 year , dont be noob and you buy it on 2 years ..

Hosting Carding ?
Manny peeps thinks "" u can card , but they are wrong,u cannot card godaddy ..
Eh but "" is best solution for you if u're using hacked cc,so just be normal,take hosting pack u need for ur site,dont buy now sum big packz or reseller's .. and they wont cancell it .

Game server's Carding ?
I carded cs servers long time ago and they are cancelled after 7 days,only thing u can do with em is to scam peeps , make sum email like ."" if u're not advanced scammer ...And if u are advanced buy domain ,make a site card em and u can get rly much money if u are smart .. just pick some good domain name , and verify mail after u make it in cPanel of hosting , just go to "" and ull get verify mail . But if u want piece in ur home dont do this

Shipping ?
Ship everythin to ur home adress, if u dont have internet law in country like me , i carded mp4 and im not caught . =) .. use IP from canada if u are carding things on with .ca mail trust me u need to have that IP for clean checkout .

Buying ViP on forums ?
You must have verified paypal , if u have cc u can transfer money on it . buy ViP .. then leech everythin cuz owner of forum will find out and he'll gonna ban you .

Carding Sites :
Carding forums are private , best public forum was , when u got 25 posts on it u could c fresh hacked cc's,paypal's,mb's .etc.. but now its closed . u can check "" im in Moderator's team there .

Scamming ?
Scamming is rly good , u can get rly. much money from it , just be g00d dont scam every peep , cuz u dont know who is he ,or u can do simple tasks from member's at WS , and u will get cvv2 , or sum private exploits .. rs acc's ..

Shops Hacking ?
Nah .. if u dont have good dorks,u cannot hack now cvv2 , cuz every shop now has only non cvv . so f**k it Phish em . if u dont have good dorks .

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