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Default About the drops

People who work with stuff, this thread will not look new, neither will professionals find something new for them in here. I dedicate this thread for new people, that are just getting in the theme. And lets begin, so where do you find the drops? You can say that this question is one of the most interested in carders business. To solve this issue, you have to choose the way you are going to work. After you know what are you going to use your drops for - you will have to choose where you find the drop.

Drop - is translated as a "ripper". You never have to forget, that valiability that drop will rip you - is close to 80%. You can also call drop a suicider, if something happens with your stuff, or cops get about your "deals", all responsibility is going on the drop.

You can classify drops as:
- Drops that do not know that they are doing, and the ones that know about carded stuff.

Its not hard to guess that the easiest way to find a drop, is to put all the cards on the table. He looks at the risks, and asks for 50 or 60% with stuff or money. Remember, the drop can always rip you!
- Second type of a drop is the one I personally like more, they do not nothing about illegal stuff they are doing.

To get second-type drops to ship you stuff, you need a legend. After you made up your legend, you can continue to getting the drop. So, now you don't need to pay 50 or even 60%, but just 3 or 5% which is a lot better. The biggest problem is solved, now the small things.

How not to get ripped by a drop? The answer is...sing a contract! Yes, yes, exactly a contract, double-sided contract. Lets say that your legend looks something like this:
"We are a comapny "Vasilii Pupkin Ltd.", work with this and this, we are better that our concurents by this and this, and we pleasily inform you to be our parter, and open a loyal filil of our company in place of your living"
After the drop reads your legend - where you wrote how much money the drop will receive in just a few successful operations, dreams about the money, here you need to sign a contract with him. For example send him this, and ask him to scan it back:

First Name Middle Initial Last Name ______________________________
Address __________________________________________________ __
City State Zip Code ___________________________________________
_____________________ __________ Signature of Partner, Date

The drop will download it, sign it, scan and send to the e-mail you give to him. After you get it - put down a stamp, send it to the drop and you're done! Double-sided contract is ready! And don't forget to mention in contract, what will happend if the drop doesnt do what he is supposed do, otherwise you may get ripped.
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