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Default Rippers and their mind. (NEWBIES MUST KNOW)

Main problem of rips is trustful persons which are ripped. In 90% of rips person sends money or gives the stuff first. Mainly there are beginners which don’t have enough knowledge at their business, and that gives to ripper one more chance to bullshit them or there are too trustful so if you was ripped you can think about yourself like about “newbie” or “trustful donkey”. And remember the phrase “avaricious pays twice” – it’s especially actual in way of rippers.

How people become rippers.
Mostly a person becomes a ripper when he couldn’t become successful in business. Disappointed at all (but not realizing that he’s stupid deer) he usually see another successful people that earn something and he doesn’t have anything he gets the idea (even stupid deer) – why wouldn’t take from these successful people? As a rule ripper in his past bought enroll and tried to work in stuff carding but he can’t earn anything. So he posts on fotum “I sell enroll mbna”, a couple of people call him and he sells this enroll t EVERYBODY. Seem there is no rip at all – everybody has got what he wanted (we don’t pay attention to factor of selling to many hands) but with very big chance nobody of people who have bought enroll won’t be able to do smth with it and will adjoin flight «offended and oppressed». This is the first step.

Further he remembering steps of last deals again posts announcement “I sell enroll city” (as it’s more exepncive) and he will have for about 10 customers and where are 7 normal and 3 newbies there. 7 guys won’t want to make deals with him as he won’t give login and pass first (he just hasn’t it) and 3 other guys will pay him first. Conclusion – deer will feel the money and will be a ripper forever. May be in the next honest deals the first thing he’ll think – “how can I rip him”.

Signs of ripper:
- ripper wants to receive the money as fast as possible and he doesn’t care of the final of deal; so the first main sign of ripper – desiring to receive the money fast, he thinks out a lot of reasons for this – pregnant wife, blocked keeper, drop’s worrying etc

- ripper wants to be shown as well-knowing guy so he uses a lot of terms and specific words;


- nickname; often greed and fieriness can be read in ripper’s nick which are changing like a gloves, so asa we see Ecspress, Fast, Easy etc and almos with the words “money”, “cash” etc we should be careful already and begin to verify this person.

- ICQ number; today 6-digit number isn’t very cool so judge the man to his UIN isn’t right. The asme with the date of registration on forum – for example “Luka’ from CW and many another examples.

- Number of posts – potential ripper usually has too little posts for his registration date or too much posts – tries to make it’s number more. It’s also recommended to read what the person posts about on forums and make conclusion about his mind, if there are stupid posts or posts without any meanings – make conclusion yourself.

- inadequate talking – talks too much not about deal, or about another deals, wants to make a lot of different another things with you, to be your brother. Also rippers like to cry themselves “You’re ripper!!! You want to rip me!!!”.

- Phrases like “I don’t like forums”, “working in private” etc rarely but it’s happens. Desire to work first time with big amounts without any verifications and tales like “you’ll kill my drop with your test transfers” also say you to be more careful;

- A lot of rippers usually post at the and of there posts “escrow accepted”. But when you talk that you want to work through escrow he usually finds lots of reasons don’t work through it.

Conclusion: none of these things can tell you that this guy is ripper. But in combination it gets you the information about him and it’s better don’t deal with such guy.

How to make deals.
With unverified people – only through escrow. Don’t worry about $10-$15 – if you’ll be ripped you’ll get negative thinks and the deer will get the money – that move him to new rips. And if you’ll pay to escrow and make the deal successful, you’ll have “verified” partner (but not fact that he won’t rip you later on bigger amount), seller and escrow will receive their money and everybody will be happy.

In case of working without escrow work only with verified people or only if they have enough positive feedbacks (from trusted people to avoid facts of self-posting feedbacks). As a rule it’s difficult for newbies in such situations, have no some special to show, they get the stuff and are trying to sell.

If you aren’t sure in the man – it’s not worth to fuck his brain trying to offer difficalt and long schemes of deal, try to look for another one. As you can make show yourself as “brain-fucker” if it’s good guy. And just refusing deal helps to avoid ripping and save your time.

So there are not so much ways at all. Either work through escrow or with verified people. Situations of “offer my escrow” are often just ways to rip.

For verification person who writes your in ICQ obligatory ask to send PM on forum.
Never try to buy dump with pin.
«Perishable goods»
Very difficult and many-ways theme about buying “perishable stuff” such as different accs hacked or from logs as true holder always can change password and another data. This situation will substitutes the seller as it near the facts of selling in many hands. So the only way here – buy only from verified seller, better to wait and buy the stuff from trusted guy than but 1k of FTPs in a hurry from deer and find on the next day that there are a lot of invalid accs or another i-frames there. There are a lot of such deals.
Selling accounts from systems with IP-checking. For example you’ve bought such, enter in it from different proxies - and account has locked.What’s more important – your decision, but better deal with verified sellers.
None of escrows would help you in such situations as selling stuff in many hands can be proofed and it’s found later only.

What to do if you think that you’re talking with ripper:

There are the one psychology essence. You must watch your nerves. So be quiet and take this speech with humor. It will be easier so. Asa you’re beginning to think that this person is ripper don’t cry: “You ripper!! I’ve found you!!!” there is no need to do it. As a final he’ll register another nick on forum, another ICQ and will continue to rip. Instead of hurting your nerves just quietly try to get as more info as possible. As he can’t wait and always busy (usually looking on porn-sites) so you can easily take info which will help to avoid further rips of another carders. You can ask any questions with any different reasons. For example: “have you another ICQ?”, “Let me call you”, “tell me your WMID”, or “let me send WU without drops as it’s clean money” etc. Later you can post collected info on forum or on if it’s 100% ripper.

What to do if you was ripped:
- immediately leave complaint on WM arbitrage is you did the deal with webmoney; of course you shouldn’ write all about deal try to think out smth like advertising or hosting;
- add this guy to;
- post logs on forums;
- don’t follow ripper’s offer to remove complain from WM in change on 50% of amount.

Rippers’ boards.
Often rippers united in flocks and organize forums like dumps.**** etc. On such forums usually run beginners (as it’s usually can be found in search servers) and there owners promote it differently, this forum also has it’s escrow and rules. “Escrow in such forum is also ripper, administration often sells d+p+msr or written on pastic dump+pin.

Professional rippers.
This is old rippers with experience. They won’t rip for small amounts. They register some nicks on forums and promote them by honest deals and active communication. As a rule it almost impossible to find them. Such shie usually must find administration of forum (IP-checking etc). But proof that “it’s really that guy” rather difficult.

Also we can call rippers that deers which resell stuff and services and meet only in advertising section. Even don’t know about it they look for customers for rippers and deal through their ICQ they become rippers themselves. At the end ripper rips both deers.

Don’t buy different trash which is offered to you in ICQ – it’s 100% ripper who collect ICQ’s and then offer people what they need.

Physically it’s difficult to do (except if you work with corps). And I don’t think that you’ll like it.
Brainfuckers, the same as promisers – people try to impose you there work\service\stuff every hour. It’s something like energetic vampires but it’s philosophy. Nearer to the topic. So such people begin the process from brain fucking that they need something from you and if you won’t give it to them it will be the end of the planet. So it can be any shiet and there is big chance that you will drown in it.
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