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Default Who is helping people or what is considered a private info

Recently we with a companion which too for a long time and densely sits in a theme carding as that have asked a question opinion in which have not converged. Namely in a theme "the help to beginners". I to it told about , showed there is etc. (it is necessary to add that foreheads does not use forums, actually about forums and their utility there was a first dispute) and have stopped its attention to written articles, section of the help to beginners, etc. On what it laconically cut off "stupids". An essence I think it is clear, it has called that word of those who writes these articles and me in particular. By the end of our dispute I have seriously enough changed the opinion in this question but on a primary rank has disagreed, have converged on a rank "cormorant" =)) And now is serious, I wish to give to you, . Readers the information to reflexion - to a conclusion everyone will come itself. Why beginners are not necessary to us and to help them it is not necessary. Yes - at once for those who will write lyrical digression to me and recollect itself in the beginning, here if also you as now be so kind as to take a finger which wish to print it (if print a ten-manual method - take all 10) and to thrust its/their to itself in an ass till the end of perusal of this note and henceforth with similar slogans. You and all the others should not shake in a shower as I personally either who or another has risen slightly above you and has achieved that smallness which has. I, in difference from vegetables which one year ago have saved up to itself for the modem and to 6 badge, I do not consider myself as the professional. I simply am able somewhere more than the others but nevertheless I am not able still a heap of everything that it is possible to be able. So to a question, it is not necessary to help and why. "Why" I will try to state the answers to it briefly and the core. It is all can add and you when will think of a problem for my part. Yes - a problem so I concern "the help" phenomenon.
The first that is necessary for making is to ask itself a question why seeing somewhere a question and knowing on it the answer - you hasten to answer as soon as possible more soon and more in detail (if do not hasten, close this theme). Probably because Vasia Pupkin at which it turns out and to include own brains to it laziness is a pity to you and you hasten to it on a gain yes? Yes-well! Here only it is not necessary to itself, ?) Main and a high light because of which you it do this desire to prove to be - what you clever, rummaging, rich, well-known, resourceful, and it is simple good guy (<= necessary stress). And speaking slightly easier and generalized you aspire brag, anyhow treating this word for yourself. To overtake loves everyone, but it is similar to that to go along the street to take away from a pocket of a companion money and brag, generously scattering them along the street.

The help most important the negative party that the more know people about any kind of activity in carding is, the it is more than harm it brings to sphere as a whole. Answer itself one question, whether competitors are necessary to you? What for in general that all new and new people learnt that that you know, start up even a small part from that that you know.

The layer of beginners does not strengthen the basis, pushing that who has thought up on top, and opposite creeps away on a bottom, eventually forcing the conditional organizer to go down all more low and more low and then on a bottom - it is accepted to name this moment a dead theme.

The second, is a lot of important point it that the help to beginners produces threw. How? Yes it is very simple. We have 2 variants of occurrence threw. 1st is that who wishes to do of nothing and at once has solved ripping 2nd it is the one who wished to do something and all knew in the theory but in practice has taken a bite garbage. How to distinguish ripper if you in the person have doubts - the first and the most important it is incompetence. You set to it leading questions on its service and when it is cut off time or two send it dick. Correctly? So to pass the first barrier on ripper section of our forum or any other similar forum helps, it simply receives the information in a ready kind (it is not dependent on its category, i.e. receives it for the purpose of work or at once on purpose deception - it is not important) and then uses not for the designated purpose =) the Second barrier are responses, well here again copeck from the first deception on 4-5 icq beautiful helps and is mad flooding logins at forums. At the maintenance of messages of the person look seldom (especially if them more than 100 it difficult) look on kol-in. And where the beginner can flooding so that did not rub for dullness? In each theme on 5 copecks, and the majority of such themes meets in section of the help to beginners since on elementary questions easier to answer and support conversation. Well and further you with trust translate a money and he repeats procedure icq and registration already with a gain.

Here perhaps high lights of my rebelief =) do not take offence if I undeservedly have offended someone, but my opinion having summed up: If you the beginner - you understand sooner or later all, with the help faster, unaided more slowly but will understand and will work. If will not understand in general, it means to you or it is not necessary, or you stupid - such in carding are not necessary, already suffices) And if you already know something and are able and gradually mow a money that how to dispose of the information your business but if you after perusal of this analysis have not doubted nonsense of squandering of the information - that you perhaps concern that category, which are not necessary in carding (see above). And I do not give more good advice and with requests and stupid questions of all ignore. If the help is really necessary to you, I am always glad you to listen in ICQ - and if you lazy zoophyte that add itself better in ignore, at me a mouse expensive, reduce deterioration to cliques
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