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Default Looking for carders around the world $1000 or more a week

Are you familiar with an affiliate program? if yes then you will need to read this very carefull.

im looking for 50 real good carders to join our team, what you will do and how much you will earn?

first for all you will need to have some knowledge on how an affiliate program works, if you are familiar and know the term and whats or how an affiliate program works then your good to go, heres some of the requirements as a carder you need in order to be able to join our team:

1- You cant use the same ip and cc twice, this means one ip and one cc, no matter what if its declined or approved you will allways have to change the ip.

2- NO double transactions with the same cc or ip.

3- Dont ask me for free ccs, im not a cc seller.

4- dont ask me for advance payouts or dialy payouts, that is not going to happend.

5- ONLY real carders will be added no kids no waisters, im straight.


1- how often i get pay?
answer: Payouts are every monday, pay period its from monday to sunday and theres one week on hold, for example you start working on dec 1st to dec 7th payouts are on dec 15th. (no week holds may apply for some carders this can be discussed and deal).

2- do you offer free ccs?

3- how do i know that im getting pay?
Answer: the only way for you to know if you will get pay or not its sending transactions otherside you will never know.

4- how do i get pay?
Answer: payout methods are WU, Wire and BTC.

5- how much do i get per sale?
Answer: you will get $20-$30 and up to $50 per transaction. (this will depends on the membershi you choose at the moment of the transaction).


breaking the rules will result in the closure of your account without any payment.

For more info simple add me to the following contact infos:

YH: btafong

Skype: berniethemadoff
Looking for carders $1000 or more a week
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